Worlds Fastest MD5 Hash Cracker [BarsWF]

The MD5 Message-Digest Algorithm is a widely used cryptographic hash function that produces a 128-bit (16-byte) hash value, Md5 is an encryption that cannot be reversed, the only successful way to find out the content of a md5 hash, is by running a Brute force Attack.

Barswf is a program designed to crack md5 hashes. It combines old with newer CUDA technologies. So, it uses your graphical card and if available, multiple cores to manage the cracking of md5 hashes. It's considered to be  the fasted Md5 Hash cracking tool available.

System Requirements

  • CUDA version only:nVidia GeForce 8xxx and up, at least 256mb of video memory.
  • LATEST nVidia-driver with CUDA support.Standard drivers might be a bit older (as CUDA 2.0 is still beta)
  • CPU with SSE2 support (P4, Core2Duo, Athlon64, Sempron64, Phenom).
  • Recommended 64-bit OS (WinXP 64 or Vista64). 32-bit version is also available.


AMD BROOK Beta 0.9:
BarsWF Brook x64
BarsWF Brook x32

BarsWF CUDA x64
BarsWF CUDA x32

BarsWF SSE x64
BarsWF SSE x32 

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